NASA’s Hidden Agenda

Space Travel Extinction Agenda

Effects of spaceflight on the human body.

NASA, in full knowledge that microgravity deteriorates the human body and in full knowledge that exercise speeds up the process of deterioration, continues to advise astronauts to exercise frequently in space. Spaceflight causes infertility. Egg cells die. Sperm cells die. Without the downward pull of the Earth’s gravity, blood does not flow downwards. Instead blood pools in the upper regions of the body, including the face. Lack of gravity causes DNA to unwind, veins and arteries to stretch and become narrower resulting in anemia and a reduction in blood cell count. Muscular tissue is lost due to nitrogen depletion. The skull stretches and becomes elongated and the brain drifts upward. The entire skeletal frame stretches. The limbs stretch. The neck stretches. All the stretching causes bones to become porous and calcium is lost. The loss of calcium increases with the length of time spent in space and continues to be lost after return to Earth. Calcium loss takes place at 10 times the rate of an elderly person suffering from osteoporosis.

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Hybrids: Walking Among Us Part 2

Why hybrids? Hybrids are a new experiment in the aliens’ plac to control Humanity. Aliens used robots in earlier societies but those attempts failed because humans have a natural repugnance to being controlled by machines and quickly found ways to diable robots.

Hybrids: Walking Among Us Part 1

Several years before any human told us. “You will own nothing and be happy” the aliens were giving the same message to abductees: “Soon we will all be together and humans will know their place; they will own nothing and they will be happy.”

“Look at me. Don’t turn away.”

The entity removed his mask and “biomechanical suit” and told her, “You must make them understand.” Whereas he had looked “like a bug” before, now his face became horrible. “His face looks like he’s dead. It looks like he’s been rotting.” The being insisted she not turn away. “You must understand this. This is what…

The Mason’s New World Order of Barbarians – transcript tapes III

“Well, these few young people who are permitted to be born will feel this inevitable burden on them and so they’ll be more desensitized.” They’ll be more warmed up to the idea of grandma and grandpa having this little party and then shuffle them off to wherever they shuffle off to. And whether it’s taking…

The Mason’s New World Order of Barbarians – transcript tape II

Here follows tape two of a transcript of three tapes concerning the Mason’s  “New World System” aka ‘New World Order’. Tapes one and two recount a lecture given by one Dr. Richard Day, a member of the Masonic Order. Dr. Richard Day had been the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  At the…

The Mason’s New World Order of Barbarians – transcript of tape I

A HOSTILE ALIEN FORCE IS PUSHING THE ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ UPON HUMANITY The Anunnaki are behind the social and economical upheaval that threatens to rip our world apart.  The Anunnaki, an ancient group of fallen aliens, is hard at work eroding our cherished, human traditions. Dr. Lawrence Dunegan was well acquainted with Professor Dr. Richard…

Aliens are Breeding with Humans, says Oxford University Lecturer

“The primary purpose of abduction is to produce human-alien hybrids – and the primary purpose of the hybrid project is to colonise the Earth. Aliens produce hybrids not only between themselves and humans but also between these alien-human hybrids and humans.” These ‘second generation hybrids’ supposedly are indistinguishable from human when they blend into society.

Dr D. Jacobs: Alien Hybrid Impregnation

Professor Dr. David Michael Jacobs has authored many books concerning alien abuduction. He has interviewed hundreds of people from around the world who have memories of being abducted by aliens — and in case after case, the details are uncannily similar.

Dr. David Jacobs: Alien Breeding Program

The evidence suggests that all the alien procedures serve a reproductve agenda. And at the heart of the reproductive agenda is the Breeding Program, in which aliens collect human sperm and eggs. They incubate hybrid fetuses in human women to produce alien-human hybrids.

Aliens Fear Prayer and the Bible

There are numerous attempted alien abduction stories in which prayer and holding a bible (or scripture from your religion) have stopped people from being abducted. If you see an alien or feel you are in the presence of alien – pray. Pray out loud and do not stop praying.

Artificial wombs

Weapons of War, Spaceflight, Cloning – these are the technologies of the aliens. “We come in peace!” “We want to advance your technology!” If technology is better than biology, why do the infernal aliens continue, relentlessly, to abduct women and use their living wombs as GROW BAGS?

Alien Abduction: Peter Khoury

She pulled me over and my mouth was on her nipple and I bit. I took a chunk off. I swallowed and the nipple was stuck in my throat for three days. When I bit her nipple she didn’t scream, she didn’t cry, she didn’t react in pain at all. There was no blood. It…

Alien Abduction: Kelly Cahill

I started screaming.”THEY’VE GOT NO SOULS.” Then all of a sudden there were heaps of them in the field, not just one, a whole heap of them in the field, and they started coming towards us, faster than a man could run. and they were gliding off the ground…

Trilateral Commission: Council on Alien Relations

The creatures, the ancient enemies of humanity said they were the victims of a planetary disaster that had caused their race to become sterile. They said they wanted to breed with our women. The insignia of the Trilateral Commission was on their spacesuits and their spacecrafts.

Aliens impregnate human women

“Abductions, surgical operations, impregnations, implantation, biological sampling and other horrors have been and are being performed upon humans by aliens.” These creatures are the mortal enemies of humans. They are impregnating human women with alien seed and harvesting hybrid fetuses.

Accursed ‘Galactic Federation’

The evil organisation called the ‘Galactic Federation’ is the latest deception by the accursed Annunaki who want humans to turn to them for ‘guidance’ to our ultimate doom.

Annunaki in the Bible

“They return at sunset and the dogs around the city roar.” In Jeremiah 25:19 the prophet talks about enemies that come our after sunset. Among the nocturnal enemies Jeremiah includes Pharaohs, their slaves and rulers.

‘The Day After Roswell’

“Halt!” the sentry screamed at the small figure that had gotten up and was trying desperately to climb over the hill. “Halt!” the sentry yelled again and brought his M1 to bear. Other soldiers ran toward the hill as the figure slipped in the sand, started to slide down, caught his footing and climbed again.

JFK was about to expose alien life

Lawyer Douglas Caddy asked close friend E. Howard Hunt, CIA officer during Kennedy’s presidency, “Howard, why was John Kennedy assasinated?” Hunt replied: “Kennedy was about to expose our most vital secret.” When asked what this secret was, Hunt replied: “The alien presence.”

Aliens Float

Scuba divers are weightless in water, they have to wear suits to stop them from floating. Aliens (non-terrestrials) are weightless on Earth, they also wear suits to stop and devices to stop them from floating. Aliens do not defy gravity, their clothes emit an electromagnetic current to prevent them from floating.

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