Aliens Fear Prayer and the Bible

In the Spring of 1989, UFO UNIVERSE published an article by Robert W. Boyajian, titled ‘CONQUEST EARTH? – A SHOCKING LOOK INSIDE THE GOVERNMENT-ALIEN EXCHANGE PROGRAM’ (Exclusive Interview with Sergeant Clifford Stone, on assignment at Roswell, New Mexico).

An excerpt of the interview between Mr. Boyajion of UFO UNIVERSE and Sgt. Stone went as follows:

Farmer holding his Bible and praying..

UU: Can you give more detail… regarding the greys, the subtleties ahead, and how to avoid any mishap?

:Sergeant Clifford Stone: You mean how to identify if your working with a good guy or bad guy? For one thing there are the religious (activities) the bad guys are not happy with. For example, there was an instance where they tried to pick up a farmer…he started to pray and they couldn’t take him aboard the craft… He kept praying and finally they gave up trying to abduct him. There was also an incident in Vietnam where a UFO set down in a field. It terrorized some of the villagers, and there was a soldier who was out there visiting his girlfriend, who would later become his wife. Anyhow, the [occupants of the] UFO was trying to convince some of the people they should go. It wanted to take some of the people. The soldier stood his ground and wouldn’t let the entities do it. The aliens were impervious to the M16 that the soldier had, but they had regard for the cross that he always wore, and the Bible he always carried. Finally, they gave up and decided not to try to take any of the people.

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