“Look at me. Don’t turn away.”

As one young woman wrote to Dr. Mack after she was forced by the terror of her abduction experiences to realize their actuality, she became aware of the “profound and beautiful world we live in” (letter from Karin to author, August 14, 1996).

“Karin was twenty-seven, single, and working as a waitress in Boston when she we referred to me by a therapist she had known in Florida.”

They ended their own development. There’s no atmosphere in space and so everything atrophied. Their eyes became nocturnal because there’s no light in space. Their bodies used to be physically stronger.

“They can’t breed and so now they have to add new blood. In the true sense of the word, they need flesh.”

During one of Karin’s experiences a being removed his mask and “biomechanical suit” and told her, “You must make them understand.” Without his mask and biomechanical suit, the entity changed before her eyes and whereas he had looked “like a bug” before, now his face became horrible. “His face looks like he’s dead. It looks like he’s been rotting.”

The being insisted she not turn away. “You must understand this. This is what would become of your own race. This is what is going to happen to you.”

 ~ Dr. John E. Mack, former Head of Psychiatry Department, Harvard University.

[The being’s suit would have been bioelectrical, not biomechanical as Karin reported.]

The account given to Dr. J. Mack above is strikingly similar to the account given to Dr. J. Wilson below:

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